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This time of the world is in an energetic state of contraction. Withdrawal from each other, from structures, and from the old collective reality. This is also true for the energy expressed within ourselves. Have you felt like crawling into a hole to shield yourself from the onslaught of uncertainty? To burrow away from the external stimulus and input? Or the intense need to deepen and cultivate strength within, to be more resilient to emotional turbulence? For me it feels kind-of like the germination period of a seed!

We all naturally fear being the seed. For buried beneath the earth, it is dark, unknown, pressured, and often uncertain.  


But I have found it is within this space that all the wealth we ever know is borne, and still comes from today. Within ourselves, we find ALL the sacred treasures we will ever seek… 


Also within ourselves we find a wild and untamed frontier of unresolved things. Which makes it untamed, painful, and terrifying


This is likely why we easily find so many distractions like Netflix, Ben & Jerry's, drama, social media, or Brownie Cake. 

But my friend…

You and I both know those things will never appease the soul within! Plus they often just bring on more of those nagging spirit guides, pleasure guilt cycles, and self condemnation! 


The time of buying into the collective illusion; that external things will bring us to that place of "success", inner "fulfillment", and "peace"; is gone. 


And now we stand alone, to be so deeply connected to ourselves that nothing else can diminish the value of who we are. 

Nearly every woman who has ever walked through my door has faced the daunting and illusive challenges of how to heal feelings of self-doubt, worry, fear, self-criticism, worthlessness, and shame. 


What I have found in nearly every single case, is that it comes in through the same doorway. Social conditioning, generationally inherited habits, and traditionally understood meanings about good and bad. These things are collectively subconscious practices that have been inherited, generation after generation. 


For me and many of my clients, the answers always come when we go within. Going within allows us to heal those untouched wounds, silent shames, and unspoken fears that still resonate somewhere within Us. 

What happens on the other side is nothing short of miracles, magic, and amazingness. 

I will facilitate a challenge..

To hold space for a group of women ready to face the challenge of leaning into and uncovering your "self" through the lenses of:

  1. Clarifying aspects of your identity that have been placed upon you by the collective. 

  2. The value you perceive as valued.

  3. The fear of personal expression, due to mistrust in the collective. 

  4. The power dynamics of love and fear. 

  5. Learning balance within through masculine and feminine energy. 

  6. Being the bridge. 

  7. Transforming yourself from the seeker into the leader.

Each week we will have a live virtual lesson via the Esoteric Coaching Academy FB group, and individually emailed challenge PDF's for personal referral, worksheets, and lessons. 


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©2020 by Erika Winterton.