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Ready to Transform Your Struggle into Feeling Alive?

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or are you aware of those unseen struggles?like:


1.  You never feel good enough, valued, or really seen.


2.  What you ate yesterday is messing with your mind & mood! (PMS should stand for Problems Made from Sugar).


3.  Your daily self-talk has convinced you: that the only way to BE better, is to BE more like everyone else.

4. You are stuck in a vicious cycle of habits, that make life feel like a prison.

Or the even deeper and often elusive struggles

1- Your soul is crying out to grow and be seen, felt, & heard.

2- Your generational inherited patterns, emotions, and baggage needs released.

3. You are being held back from abundance, truth, and your full potential from something dark, unseen, elusive, and difficult to remove. 

4. You are being sabotaged and struggle with some energies around you. 

So what is Your Struggle 

  1.  Are you still seeking acceptance, love, and/or support from someone else?

  2. Do you feel like your life is not your own, but you are not sure how to change it, or start over?

  3. Are your attempts at "doing" life embarrassing, defeating, heartbreaking, and/or preventing you from trying again?

  4. Are you still struggling to create freedom, peace, and abundance?

  5. Do you feel trapped, screaming inside, and unclear of where to turn to for help?

No matter the struggle you face, you do not have to keep battling it alone.

I can help you. 

I help you come back to yourself, to be whole.

Through clearing, clarity, and soul inspired guidance,

I help you feel alive again!

I am a guide, shaman, healer, and teacher of metaphysical arts.


So, are you ready to allow yourself space,

to expand, express, and experience your greatest self?

Then let's get started!

Ways to begin Working Together:


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Words from Women I have Helped...


Your honesty, support, compassion and ability to feel into where my higher self needed me to go smashed through some 'things' that we're missing with other coaches I've worked with in the past, yet I was unaware of until these moments with you.

Maria S.

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You, understanding

what is holding me back, and being able to identify each layer that needs addressed, is what I have been searching for for so long. Everything has felt so messy and piled on top of each other that I didn't know how to begin. You have an incredible gift and I'm thankful I connected with you.

Janelle A.

Thank you so much. I feel

as though I am being reborn. 

I was in there..... stuffed deep down and was screaming to come back and play in my life and I had just lost myself for awhile. (even though on the outside I was portraying that I had it all together) I am excited to keep moving forward and having you by my side to become the best version of ME I can become!!!

Melinda J.

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